Waterfront Place Port Melbourne: Development proposals

Waterfront Place - as is

Waterfront Place – as is

Current situation

This picture shows the existing recreation complex at 1-11 Waterfront Place. It was constructed around 1997 as a landmark amenities centre for the Beacon Cove estate. Beacon Cove was designed as an integrated estate comprising high density towers, medium density town houses, parks, and amenities including the Food Store, child care centre, tennis courts gym and swimming pool.

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Waterfront Place - proposed

Developer’s proposal #2

Developer’s proposal

This picture shows the land use at 1-11 Waterfront Place proposed by the developer, Waterfront Place Pty Ltd.

A description of the buildings is provided at “The Buildings“. The buildings include:

  • South West (about 7-11 Waterfront Place: the child care site): A building of 5 storeys plus a basement.
  • South East (about 1-5 Waterfront Place: the gym site): A 10-storey tower.
  • North (on Beach Street: the tennis court site): A 19-storey tower.

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There have now been several proposals, and it is unclear which (if any) will be successful:

  • Original proposal: 25 storey tower (2009)
  • Second proposal (described above): three towers (5 storeys, 10 storeys and 19 storeys)
  • Third proposal: towers limited to 10 storeys to comply with latest COPP planning guideline
City of Port Phillip: Proposed Planning Guidelines

City of Port Phillip: Proposed planning guidelines

Council’s proposed planning guidelines

The codes (1-6) are described as:
1. Laneways created to increase pedestrian permeability and encourage movement through the site at ground level.

2. Buildings and frontages designed to invite public access, usage and support activity.

3. Taller built form to a maximum of 10 storeys located in the eastern portion of the site to mitigate potential overshadowing and respond to the significant views and vistas across the Port Melbourne waterfront.

4. Built forms steps down “behind” the heritage rail station to respect the historic context.

5. The layout of buildings on the site provide for the creation of a ground level courtyard space adjoining the central north/south pedestrian link.

6. A small public space is created near the roundabout and activated by public art or a small kiosk/pavilion building.

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