Proposed development: the buildings

The Waterfront Place proposed buildings are described in a set of high level plans drafted by architecture firm Fender Katsilidis. These plans have been provided to Council and also to registered interested parties.

For the benefit of the broader community we provide our interpretation of the proposed plans.

Proposed buildings at Waterfront Place

Proposed buildings at Waterfront Place

The plans describe 3 separate buildings:

  • South West (about 7-11 Waterfront Place: the child care site): A building of 5 storeys plus a basement.
  • South East (about 1-5 Waterfront Place: the gym site): A 10-storey tower.
  • North (on Beach Street: the tennis court site): A 19-storey tower.

There is a single 3-level basement area under the whole site used for parking.

The buildings are separated from the old railway station by open space not owned by Waterfront Place Pty Ltd and a lane way on Waterfront Place land, used for off-road service access to the three buildings. There is also a pedestrian access way from Beach Street to Waterfront Place separating the South East building from the other buildings. It is unlikely to be used by anyone other than the residents of the North and South East buildings.

The three buildings are built out to the boundary sidewalks of the property: there are no setbacks from Beach Street or Waterfront Place (road).

A west elevation (looking from the London Hotel towards Westgate Bridge) indicates that the buildings are stepped so as to reduce shadowing of Waterfront Place. Street level trees shown in the plan are impossible, unless planted in the street.

South West Building

This building includes 3 levels for a gym, and 3 levels for serviced apartments:

  • Gym area:
    • Basement: The basement includes a massage room, spa, hot pool, sauna and steam room and toilets (but no showers or change rooms).
    • Ground level: Gym entrance, waiting area, public pool and toilets (no showers or change rooms)
    • Level 1: Weight and cardio area (no toilets, change rooms or showers)
  • Levels 2 – 5 contain serviced apartments

South East Building

This is a 10-storey building, all residential except for some parts of the ground floor.

  • Ground level: This level has two retail areas (e.g. for shops or cafes) facing Waterfront Place, and one retail area facing Beach Street. It also has 4 multi-level townhouse layout apartments facing Beach Street. There is a lobby facing Beach Street servicing the town houses and lifts.
  • Level 1: 4 x 2-bedroom apartments facing the bay plus another 2 bedroom apartment and a 1 bedroom apartment with (possibly) no outlook.
  • Levels 2-10: apartments.

North Building

This is a 19-storey tower, probably located at the North to provide bay views for the upper 14 storeys (as well as city views from most levels) as well as to minimise shadowing of Waterfront Place (road and beach). It primarily a residential building with a Ground Level area designated as a professional suite.


The following numerics were provided by Urbis and Action Group Australia on 26 Jun 2013:

  • Units and townhouses: 225
  • Serviced apartments: 55
  • Basement car parking spaces: 430

Traffic and shadow impacts

Traffic implications

Traffic implications

Traffic into and out of the service lane way – also used for access to parking – is from Beach Street and has the potential to create congestion at the tram crossing and noise for the residents of Park Square – especially those facing Beach Street.

We believe the buildings will shadow:

  • in the mornings: the popular outdoor eating area at Beacon Cove (Spuntinos)
  • in the afternoons: the beach immediately opposite, based on the shadowing studies conducted by MGS architects for the City of Port Phillip.

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