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Land transfers from State Government

These transfer documents provide the wording of covenants:

  • 8 Sep 1997: 7-11 Waterfront Place: V074097S (PDF) from Department of Infrastructure to Golden Goose Properties Pty Ltd for $1.50m
  • 15 Nov 1999: 1-5 Waterfront Place: W413729L (PDF) (1) from Department of Infrastructure to Beacon Cove Properties Pty Ltd for $0.86m, and (2) from Beacon Cove Properties Pty Ltd to Dalcom Asset Management Pty Ltd for a further $1.40m (total: $2.26m)

Land transfers to Waterfront Place Pty Ltd

These transfer documents refer to the transfer of land to Waterfront Place:

Application for Supreme Court Order

  • 25 Jun 2012: Notice and Affidavit: This is an application for Supreme Court Order to remove covenants on 1-11 Waterfront Place. The solicitor’s affidavit provides no reason for the removal of the covenants (in terms of justification) nor does it provide any description of the proposed development.

Supreme Court Orders

These are recent orders made by Judges in the Supreme Court of Victoria

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)

These are recent orders made by Tribunal members:

These are recent VCAT notifications:

City of Port Phillip – Applications and Decisions

These documents refer to the Council’s consultation process and decisions:

City of Port Phillip – Planning Guidelines

These documents are relevant to consideration of the Planning Guidelines for Waterfront Place:


Port of Melbourne Corporation

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