Useful links on the 1-11 Waterfront Place development

It's your beach

It’s your beach: your family space

The following links provide useful background information for those seeking more information or interested in objecting to the development.

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Media articles

First, a couple of good media articles to set the context.

Port Phillip Council

  • Here’s the Council’s summary of the proposed Waterfront Place Development, with links to related documentation.
  • Also from the Council’s website, here is the list of the covenant holders (also known as the “beneficiaries”).  Note that the PDF opens in landscape mode; in most browsers you can simply right-click to rotate clockwise.
  • And here’s the 2013 Urban Design Framework, setting out the Council’s views for development of the area.

Submissions to Port Phillip Council

Here are a few of the submissions that strongly oppose the development and explain why.

  • Port of Melbourne Corporation submission, lodged Mar 2012 in relation to the Waterfront Urban Design Framework.  This excellent submission outlines very crisply all the logistical conflicts (trams, car, ferries, bicycles, people) that already exist in the area, and the “significant problems” and “unreasonable amenity” impacts that would result from anything like the proposed development on such a small and constrained site. Worth reading!
  • BCNA submission, Dec 2012 – prepared by the Beacon Cove Neighbourhood Association (from the BCNA website). The submission strongly opposes the development, and provides a lot of useful background information.
  • Port People submission, Dec 2012 – prepared by Port People Inc. Another very good submission, with lots of supporting info

We’ll post links to other submissions as we find them. Let us know if you’d like us to include yours.

Urban Design Advice Report (MGS Oct 2009)

This report, commissioned by the City of Port Phillip, provides guidelines for determining the appropriate height, profile and character of any proposed development at 1-11 Waterfront Place. [Report (PDF)]

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)

  • The VCAT website provides information about upcoming cases and about the processes and forms to be used by applicants and objectors.
  • See, in particular, the pages devoted to the Planning and Environment List, which is where cases such as this are typically heard.


  • The marvellous AUSTLII (Australasian Legal Information Institute) website provides a searchable database of legal cases in Australia, including cases heard in the Supreme Court and VCAT. It’s a treasure-trove of information for anyone interested in law and legal cases in Australia.
  • Here, for example, is a search of Victorian Supreme Court decisions on restrictive covenant cases.

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